1. You know who you are.

    Photography by Fede Stura.


  2. Yayas.

    Photography by Fede Stura.


  3. World snails.

    Art direction and graphic design by Fede Stura.


  4. Brochure design for the Youth In Action Programme by the European Commission.

    Art direction and graphic design by Fede Stura.


  5. "Everything will be OK in the end. If it’s not OK, it’s not the end." - Unknown.

    Design by Fede Stura


  6. 'de Llamas & Gómez de Ramón' identity creativity and web design

    Job done for ‘de Llamas & Goméz de Ramón’ a psychiatry and psychotherapy clinic. To deliver meaning to the logo we tried to reflect the essence beyond the CAP (Cognitive Analytic Psychotherapy) with which they mainly work in this clinic.

    The fundamental concept to communicate in the logo is that there exist different conduct patterns that are a product of the learning process in our childhoods. All of them combined work in harmony to form the persons we are. Simple repetitive forms, that are different but similar at the same time, were used to show all the different patterns and roles that a person acquires. These shapes merge in a harmony that integrate every person.

    We hope that conveying this visual impact to the target audience gives them hope, trust and optimism.

    There are symbolic graphic elements as the circle which is used as a symbol of fullness, of perfection, something without a start nor an end, something complete. It is also a symbol of equality.

    The colors used have been selected under the criteria of creating a consistent image for the customer. The colors are present in the decoration of the clinic. It has been selected a pastel and neutral to communicate peace, calm, harmony, security and responsibility.

    Creative & design team:

    Federico Stura

    Javier Sánchez Guillén

    Account Executive:

    Javier Jimenez Fontes


  7. Waving flag.

    Photography by Fede Stura.


  8. Waves.

    Photography by Fede Stura.


  9. Warm kind.

    Photography by Fede Stura.


  10. Vicky.

    Photography by Fede Stura.